project pricing

The best thing about Craft Advantage is that you can easily price your items for selling. Before you begin this step, you should first add items to your inventory. You can build projects without inventory though! To start building, click the "projects" link found in the green bar shown below. You have to be in the inventory section to see this link. Once you click, you will get a blank form to fill out.

Shown here is the start of a project. The top part - "Project Name" - is where you will describe your final project. The part below - "Item Name" - is for the items being used in the project. But if you select from the inventory, you do not need to fill anything out in "Items" part. It is all done for you.

For this project, everything is going to come from the inventory. When you click "Select Item From Inventory" on the project screen, this is what you are going to see. It is your list of inventory. In this screen, click the box next to all items to be included in this project. Don't worry about quantity yet. Then click OK.

Clicking OK will bring you back to this screen. You can see that all items that you added from the inventory are now all showing at the bottom of your project. To change the quantity, just click on the item and it will appear in the yellow section. Change the quantity, and save!

All finished projects are added into your inventory! 

Instructions on payments, invoice and reminder are all in the program itself. Don't like the color scheme shown here! That is OK. Choose from several different color combos.

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