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Enter everything you buy to resell into your inventory. This will not only help you keep track of what you have onhand, but will also allow you to price your items once they are completed. This is a screen print of the first page you see when you log into the program. Click the inventory button on the left side of the screen.

Everything you have entered into your inventory will be shown on one page. You can also divide your inventory into categories to make them easier to navigate. If you only wish to view the items in a certain category, simply choose it from the drop-down menu on the right. Your page will refresh, and only these items will be seen. (The screen print here does not have the items in different categories.) 

When you click "new item" you will get a blank form to fill out, much like the one in the sales section. The great thing about the inventory section is that you can fill in the price you paid for the item (cost) as well as the price you want to sell the item for (price). That way you add the same amount of profit each time you use the item in a project.  When you add this item to a project, the higher "price" will be added in. But please note that if you prefer to just add your profit/upcharge to the final project rather than to each inventory item, you can certainly do that!  If you wish to do it that way, just enter your actual cost in the price section here. Leave the cost blank. Then build your item in the projects section and add the final profit/upcharge amount to the final total.

You can also add TIME to your inventory! A wire wrapped bracelet takes you 3 hours to make? Make sure you add that time to your final price. Also add your final projects to the inventory. Makes ringing up sales so easy!

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To come! With a new color scheme for you to check out!

Instructions on categories, locations, suppliers, reports and adding pictures are all in the program itself. Don't like the color scheme shown here? That is OK. Choose from several different color combos.

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Everything you enter while using the trial version will be saved for 1 month after expiration. Order a paid subscription within 30 days of expiration to retain your data. With any paid subscription you still get a free month! 

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