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Craft Advantange easily allows you to keep track of customer information. Never lose a phone number or name again! And you can enter as much or as little info as you would like. When you click on "Customers" from the home page, you will get your list of all customers in your database. With one look you can see how much someone has spent with you, either by year or by month. Great for knowing who to send special incentives to at the end of the year.

Entering a new customer is simple. When you click the "new customer" link, this is the form you get. Enter either the last name or the company name in the first line.  Or set the first and last name, then use the company name as the Customer ID. Once you have all your info entered, simply click save and you have added this person to your contact list!


There is also a way to enter a new customer directly from your Sales page. Once you start a new sale, click the "Change" button. A list of all your curent customers will pop up. Then click the "New" button. An abbreviated version of the customer info screen will appear. This short cut is perfect for entering orders during a show and all you really want is a name and a phone number for your records.

The suppliers section works exactly the same way. Click on the "Suppliers" button on the home page. Then "New Supplier". Enter all info just as you did with the customer. Then save!

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